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Keep your friends close, but your binoculars closer

More than 60% of the entire national bird fauna can be observed in the lowland woods’ area and in the neighbouring lagoon.

The Muzzana woods and its surroundings, close to the Marano Lagoon, host a wide variety of bird species. 

The black woodpecker and diurnal birds of prey, such as the brown kite and the honey buzzard, are common sightings. In spring and autumn, great numbers of migrating birds visit the area. 

The so-called “ecotone” areas, where ecological communities overlap, host blackcaps, eurasian warblers, and thrushes. Insectivores such as the green reed warbler and the marsh bunting and water birds such as the great crested grebe and coot prefer the reed banks along the rivers.

At the end of winter, ploughed fields surrounding the woods and the ditches become feeding ground for many species of waterbirds like herons, limicolae, wild geese and greater white-fronted geese, but also flocks of Lapwings and even some golden plover.

In late spring and summer, lush vegetation and warm temperatures attract myriads of birds. An early-morning visit to the woods will gift visitors with memorable bird songs and calls.

For a comprehensive overview of the species, please visit our checklist.