Associazione culturale Artetica was established in 2006 in Muzzana del Turgnano, a small municipality in lower Friuli, with the aim of creating social and cultural initiatives in the region.

Our program deals with local traditions and distant cultures, the natural environment and biodiversity, music and literature, the local  Resistance movement and histories resistance in times and places other than our own. Over the years we have organised book presentations, workshops, theatre shows, concerts, panels and many other activities. 

Our most successful initiative is  “Vino di lei?”, whose title is a wordplay between Italian and Friulian, the local language. “Vino di lei?” entails an exhortation to read (“shall we read?” in Friulian) as well as reference to wine production (“vino” means wine in Italian). Each event of “Vino di lei” features the presentation of a book and a local winery hosted at a private courtyard or garden in Muzzana or the neighbouring villages, thus transforming those private places into a community place to meet, discuss and socialize. In fifteen editions we have hosted over forty authors, including Pino Roveredo, Margherita Hack, Massimo Zamboni, Furio Honsell, Tullio Avoledo, Angelo Floramo, Pierluigi Di Piazza, Maurizio Mattiuzza and Franco Fabbro.

In 2009 we initiated a citizen-science group dedicated to the woods of Muzzana that brings together citizens, researchers, experts, and nature lovers. The group aims at safeguarding the woods and sharing knowledge about their biodiversity and history through dissemination events, panels, guided hiking tours and also the creation of the website you are visiting. 

In 2015 we joined forces with the historical local radio broadcaster Radio Onde Furlane to co-produce “Bestiis forestis”, the first music album by Laipnessless. With all their lyrics necessarily in Friulian, Laipnessless is a flamboyant post punk folk” trio mixing genres with an irreverent attitude.

In 2020 we launched a collaboration about local history with the local section of Anpi (National Association of Italian Partisans) and nine other municipalities. The project celebrates the 70th anniversary of the “Lotis dal Cormor” (Friulian for “Cormor Struggle”): a workers’ strike in May 1950 whose epicentre were the municipalities around the Cormor river. The collaboration led to the production of a radio documentary aired on the national broadcaster Radio 3 for the programme “Tre Soldi2. Info and documentation about the project can be found at 

When we meet, never often enough, we talk about plants, animals, fishing, recipes, wine, local politics, and of course ‘our’ woods.
We like to think of Artetica as a tree whose roots are in Friuli and its branches stretch over towards the rest of the world.

If you would like to join Artetica, ask for scientific or educational materials, or contribute in some way to our activities, please contact us at:


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